oct 3 2013. leaf collection.
default album art
Tessellate (Ellie Goulding Cover)
Alt-J/Ellie Goulding
979 plays
I feel like I haven’t drawn in forever
Titlecard for a college application essay! Maybe I will post it when I’m done?
Silly doodle I did of a fake album cover! Chow-Chow would be an awesome rapper name, just sayin’
Character from a project a friend and I are working on :)
ORNITH is a short webcomic I made as part of my final for English 2269. I love the internet, you guys. I love it so much that I love it nearly as much as I love stories. I’m fascinated by using interactivity to drive a story, and how our personal experiences shape how we remember/relate to a narrative. I think the story aspect of this is a little lacking, but I definitely feel like I accomplished my goal to push the boundaries of the medium. I’d love to do a larger scale project like this someday (and may or may not have one being cooked up as we speak ;)
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